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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I register to play?

Registration dates and locations are posted on the home page of the Nepean Eagles website.

The Club generally commences registration in March (after March Break) and schedules registration events through early April.

Please note that players are not officially registered until payment is received and a registration form has been signed by our Registrar.

  1. Are there weight restrictions for tackle football?

The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) eliminated weight limits at all playing levels for tackle football in 2007.

  1. What levels of play do the Eagles operate?

The Eagles have tackle football teams at five levels:


The Eagles participate in the NCAFA Girls Touch program at two levels:

Peewee for girls ages 12-14 and
Bantam for girls aged 15-18

The Eagles also have a Cheerleading squad for girls aged 8-18 and are running a Flag Football program for boys and girls aged 5-15. Our Flag program runs mid-May to end-June.

  1. How long has the Eagles organization been around?

The Eagles Football club was formed in 1978. Make sure to read our club history on this page for more information. Many Eagles players have gone on to play junior football, university as well as professional.

  1. Is the program open to both boys and girls?

All programs are open to both boys and girls, with the exception of our Girls Touch program.

  1. Where do I have to live to play for the Nepean Eagles?

Territory of residence is only administered for tackle football—all other programs allow for "open" territory assignments.

For tackle, a player's principal residence must lie within the NCAFA defined Nepean Eagles Football territory:

From Fallowfield Rd, south on Highway 416 to Century Road, east along Century Road to the Rideau River; around Long Island (to include the Village of Manotick); north along the Rideau to Fallowfield Rd; west on Fallowfield to Cedarview.

  1. What's the National Capital Amateur Football Association?

The National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA) is one of the largest amateur football association in Canada.

The league has 15 member organizations, over 60 teams, and nearly 5,000 players, coaches and volunteers. For further information, visit the NCAFA website at

  1. What's the difference between "team registration" and "league registration"?

Team registration is required to tryout or practice with the Eagles Football Club and participate in exhibition games or other activities.

League registration occurs prior to the tackle football regular season (usually the last week of August) and consists of an official validation of age and issuance of player cards. Only players new to NCAFA must present proof of age.

  1. Do I have to buy equipment?

The Eagles provide ALL equipment necessary to play with the exception of foot wear, a girdle and a practice jersey.

  1. What are the registration fees?

Please visit our registration page to see a list of our current fees.

  1. Is there a refund policy?

There is no refund for pre-season tryout camp registration fees or flag football once registered.

Partial refunds may be granted for tackle program depending on circumstances; however there will be no refund granted once a player has been registered with NCAFA and is officially placed on a Eagles Football team roster.

  1. How long is the season?

Training camp dates vary with levels, but the Eagles Football generally begin with Registration in April and May, with player evaluations in June.

Equipment hand out will occur in June with Main Camp set for the end of July. Regular season begins the end of August and then continues through to the NCAFA championship weekend in early November.

  1. Where can I find more information about amateur football in Canada?

Additional information on amateur football in Canada is available from Football Canada, the sport's governing body, at

  1. Where can I find out information concerning your Girls Touch Football program?

Please contact anyone of our executive members listed on the contact page.

  1. How do I become a Eagles Football club sponsor?

The Club is actively seeking sponsors to support our equipment renewal project and assist with football operations.

If you are interested, please visit our sponsorship page for more information.

  1. How do I become a Eagles Football volunteer?

Volunteers are always required. Please refer to the contact page to get in touch with the level or group you are interested in helping.

Archived Rosters

There have been many individuals who have worked and played for the Eagles over the years.

We are trying to capture this information and would like your help in doing so. If you have previous roster information (players, coaches, executive members, etc.) that would help fill in the gaps in our history, please send a note to Stephen Dean.

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Our History


The Club was formed in the South Nepean (Barrhaven) area in August of 1978 by Mr. J. Jones. The first team fielded was at the Mosquito level and the first team played was the Bell Warriors. Known as the Barrhaven Buccaneers, the team colours were maroon, white and gold.  In 1981, the Club changed its name to Redskins after a popular NFL team.  

Over the next 18 years, PeeWee, Bantam and then Tyke (in 1996) levels were added. Midget returned to the fold in 2003.

During the course of the 1996 season, Mr. Jones handed ownership of the Club over to the community. The Club operated as a non-profit organization and began an aggressive campaign to raise funds for the purchase and repair of much needed equipment for all levels of play. A formal incorporation also saw the Club officially become known as the Redskins Community Football Club.


The Club retired the name Redskins in 2013 and rebranded as the Eagles starting with the 2014 season.  The Club currently consists of six levels of tackle football: Mite through Midget. The Club plays on Bob Stephen Field (named after a long timeCoach, Bob Stephen, who passed away in 2009). A fieldhouse at the site provides secure storage for Club equipment as well as home and away change facilities for teams on game day. A scoreboard (one of the few in Ottawa) was installed in 2010 and proudly displays the Club logo and provides a level of professionalism at all home games.

Our cheerleading squads now number four (4), with now over 45 young ladies on Mite, Tyke, Mosquito and Senior squads who are active at all Eagles home games. Our involvement in the first year of the NCAFA Girls Touch Football (est. 2003) program has now resulted in the Club fielding 7 teams at each of the PeeWee, Bantam and Midget levels.  In addition, the Club runs a spring Flag Football program for players aged 5 to 14.

The Eagles will wear the colours of its namesake NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles, wearing green, white, black and silver.

The Club continues to promote health, discipline and sportsmanship across all levels of play and remains committed to promoting the sport of football in the South Nepean area.


Below is a list of all the Redskins/Buccaneers teams who have won a cup or conference.
If you feel that some information is missing, please contact us.

Tyke - Tackle Program

A Cup 
2004 Redskins (Gilchrist)
1998 Redskins (Sullivan)
1996 Redskins (Sullivan)

 B Cup
2001 Redskins (Matte)
1999 Redskins (Matte)
1997 Redskins (Matte)

C Cup

Western Conference
2011 Redskins
2010 Redskins
2009 Redskins
2005 Redskins
1998 Redskins
1996 Redskins

Mosquito - Tackle Program

A Cup

B Cup2007 Redskins (Chorney)
2013 Redskins (Chorney)
2006 Redskins (Chorney)
1993 Redskins (Matte)
1992 Redskins (Matte)
1983 Buccaneers (Matte)

C Cup
1995 Redskins (Rowe)
1991 Redskins (Rowe)
1990 Redskins (Rowe)
1985 Redskins
1980 Buccaneers

Western Conference
2005 Redskins
1998 Redskins
1996 Redskins
1994 Redskins
1979 Buccaneers

Pee-Wee - Tackle Program

A Cup

B Cup
2012 Redskins
2000 Redskins (Matte)

C Cup
1992 Redskins (Rowe)

Western Conference
2006 Redskins
2002 Redskins
1996 Redskins
1980 Buccaneers

Bantam - Tackle Program

A Cup
1983 Redskins (Sullivan)

B Cup
1999 Redskins (Matte)
1996 Redskins (Matte)
1992 Redskins (Matte)

C Cup
2006 Redskins (Rowe)
2001 Redskins (Rowe)

Western Conference
2004 Redskins
2003 Redskins
1993 Redskins

Midget - Tackle Program

Midget Division Champions

Eagles; 2015

Redskins; 1991, 1992, 1993, 2003, 2005, 2010